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    Poptastic Day: Bill Conti, “Going The Distance”

    The Biscuit

    A song can enter The Poptastic Zone when it’s referenced in other popular media, such as television shows. The Bean and I were rewatching the second season of Ally McBeal and I finally had to pause the Biscuit to listen to the full version of the bells he hears when he’s pumping himself up for some serious legal shenanigans.

    Tamboosh has already posted the Rocky theme. But, as many Ally McBeal fans will know, those bells actor Peter MacNichol hears are from (the possibly more poptastic) “Going The Distance” – the Bill Conti score for the battle between Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed in the original movie. A song of heavy drama unfairly shackled by corny 80s sequels.

    But, poptastic or not, I still get goose bumps at the combination of horns, strings, and drums. If it’s good enough to inspire the Biscuit, then it’s good enough for me. Awesome!

    Bill Conti – Going The Distance

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