Guilty Pleasures: World Wrestling Entertainment

I’m 37-years-old, have a Masters Degree in International Relations, and am an IT systems test manager. And I’ve taken up watching World Wrestling Entertainment a lot in the past few months. So much so, in fact, I simply had to purchase and record the Pay-Per-View broadcast of WWE Summer Slam! yesterday. I’m saving Summer Slam! for an evening of professional wrestling enjoyment tomorrow, when I’ve got less to do and as part of the build-up for my week off to blob on my rear in Amsterdam with the Bean and Tamboosh.

I was big fan of the, then, WWF (now, WWE) and its competitor World Championship Wrestling in the mid-to-late 1980s and early-1990s. The era of Rowdy Roddy Piper, the Iron Shiek, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Andre The Giant, and the Road Warriors, among a huge pantheon of others. But, living in The Netherlands between 1994-2005, watching wrestling wasn’t really an option (terrible cable options). Since moving to the United Kingdom in 2006, however, I’ve rediscovered the over-the-top muscle-bound soap opera that is WWE. Now, the past few months I’ve been recording huge chunks of wrestling every week and watching it while engaging in other activities. I’m talking about Raw, Smackdown, both recaps, Vintage, Afterburn. Anything that starts with WWE on the channels in the satellite sports channels. And, this time around, I’m enjoying it on a whole new level, doing reading into the business, production, history, and the lexicon of wrestling. This stuff is both fun and fascinating.

I’m not really sure I can say I’ve got a favorite wrestler. I’m still getting up to speed with all the storylines and characters. Though I know I shouldn’t – he’s almost too corny – if pressed I’d have to say I’ve been enjoying former champion John Cena in the build up to his Summer Slam! title match against Randy Orton. I asked myself why and, to be honest, I think it has to be his entrance theme, “The Time Is Now”. I’ve got a thing for grand entrance anthems and this one flips all the right switches. For those unaware, Cena performs his theme himself and I think that makes it all the better.

You can’t see me!

John Cena Site @ WWE

John Cena – The Time Is Now

Poptastic Day: How To Stuff A Wild Bikini

How To Stuff A Wild Bikini

In the 1960s a string of romantic comedy musicals came out known as the Beach Party films. They’re aimed at teens (yeah, it’s teen week at 100b) and starred Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon. Frankie and Dee Dee’s (Annette) adventures were so popular they made seven of these movies! The plot never really changes and, come to think of it, neither do a lot of the characters, but why mess with a winning formula? Recently, I watched the sixth movie in the series called How To Stuff A Wild Bikini. It’s so bizarre I cannot believe somebody dished out the money to make this movie, but I’m glad they did. There’s a cameo by Samantha from Bewitched and they even managed to convince Mickey Rooney and Buster Keaton to join the cast. The songs in the movies define poptastic. They took all the popular genres at the time put em in a big hat, added a pinch of California surf and voila!

I think they must have gotten sick of each other, because Frankie and Annette hardly share any screen time in this movie. Frankie is on naval reserve duty in Tahiti and faithful little Dee is back home waiting for her man. Frankie is frolicking around with the local girls, which makes him wonder whether Dee Dee is staying true to him. The only logical thing to do is seek out a witch doctor (played by Buster Keaton), and have him send a bikini-clad siren to steer off Dee Dee’s potential suitors, while spying on her through a cauldron or something, I dunno – that’s where they lost me.

The witch doctor character is so offensive it’s funny. His accent is incredibly cringeworthy, but at one point he actually says “white man make heap good fire water” … it was a joke, but still … it wasn’t good. I love it when they take fake walks on the fake beach by fake moonlight, but my favorite part has to be the invisible girl in the bikini scene that prompted the title song. Again, it’s a bit offensive to women, but once you get over the ‘times sure have changed’-aspect it’s just a very, very silly, but oh so entertaining movie. So if you get the chance, do check ’em out, they’re so bad they passed good and moved way up to fricking genius.